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I`ve got a feeling they could be all F width`s - my experience is that those who wear a standard E don't fit well into F width`s - that could explain the effect you mention.
I may have missed something, but who are these made by?
Very usual, and will soon be smooth. Understand your thoughts, but its just the angular part that is going through the normal process. Got years of wear, and no fears, Sir...
Any idea on the protocol for Whites logo - I thought the SD did not come with them as standard, or is something to do with the leather or special order?
Lovely photo! Wear those in health, and show us more great pics as the patina develops over the months and years!
Agreed. But the problem here is that you really don`t know what you are getting - I mean they can `copy` an old classic, but with differences to the materials, finish, and needless to say the artisans, the chances of it coming out like the original is pretty slim IMO. At least with the Japanese makers, you know exactly what you are getting. Ive seen old Lobbs that are breathtakingly beautiful (in their windows), but the modern version I`d never pay that price for, nor even...
Wont really ruin your shoes - even with socks the sweat evaporates through the sock and into the leather, same with smells...a good scrub with a brush in the bath or shower should end that!
They are very true to UK size, if you are consistent through the manufacturers or know some size differences between lasts. I`d contact Nick, and order through him. He gives fine advice. Bespoke England is the way to go...
I know that cordovan leather stains in rain - does whites HH do so as well? 
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