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Sorry, but when and where is the sale?
True, but cows leather is live and has cell growth! Honestly, of course some things stretch but don't ever hope it will stretch in the right places to your size, and help relieve pain or pressure points, it rarely does IMHO
A little modification that I think has turned a great boot into an awesome boot          
I can't reply to any of the questions on sizes, but my advice is NEVER hope any boot or shoe stretches - thats one of my biggest mistakes. If it doesn't wear well on the first try, don't hope it will later on...
I`m a 9D semi dress Whites, and Bounty Hunter, and I fit into the 8 1/2 in the James above, and a 9 in the Williams above from Nick. I guess not only do Whites and Nicks have different lasts, but one may have different sizes between them. Always good to get a professional opinion. It was generally said here that Nicks sizes large (9 Whites would be 8 1/2 Nicks), but its nit generally true I feel. The 9D Semi dress Whites, and my 9D William feel about the same.
Its the linesman patch....serves a purpose there, but I guess in this case, its cool!
Zurich by Nicks   Great boots and fantastic service from the guys at Zuriick   James           William            
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