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Wont really ruin your shoes - even with socks the sweat evaporates through the sock and into the leather, same with smells...a good scrub with a brush in the bath or shower should end that!
They are very true to UK size, if you are consistent through the manufacturers or know some size differences between lasts. I`d contact Nick, and order through him. He gives fine advice. Bespoke England is the way to go...
I know that cordovan leather stains in rain - does whites HH do so as well? 
9.5C...thats going to be a nice sleek bootie!
Edward Green I believe is the maker, and not AS. AS hand grade in my opinion are some of the best looking shoes in the box, but that goes downhill fast after the first crease - not sure what it is, possibly the F width, but also the fact that their finish is superb, but the underlying quality is quite lacking IMHO...
Does anyone know if I should size up 1/2 from SD to Cougar? Thanks
Agreed, I`ve thought about this a lot, but the lowered heel destroys that classic look....and I`m not sure of the balance - the classic balance in the walk is just spot on.
I`m going to pull the trigger soon on a Cougar/North West last...could someone confirm I should go a half size up? I prefer the non lace-to-toe. Many thanks
Wow, what an original color! Post more close up pics if you can. That would make a great two tone with black...
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