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Superb style, and great shine Cleav!
Whats the SD to Cougar conversion? I`m a 9D in SD...thanks!
Shoji Kawaguchi at Marquess                              
Custom shoes at Marquess          
A visit to Shoji Kawaguchi at Marquess for my fitting shoes. A very pleasant experience with the finest of artisans with the very highest standards in shoe making...                                                        
My eyes fall on the shapes (they are not even width) and spacing of the side gore leather fillers, and the strap across the arch of the suede loafer (the left in the screen shoe strap seems warped and cut differently from the right)....they seem to have issues with balance and finish - is that me, or is this the case? If that was my money I`d be on the phone for an answer. There is obviously something handmade here, but I would not be accepting anything less than perfect...
Just a standard one, but before the maiden journey starts....        
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