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I`d prefer the full set, and would rather negotiate on that. Dover only would be a slight premium. All fine conditions with leathers from yesteryear!
Some of my 1990`s EG`s - a bit too small now, and decided to list these. Enjoy      
I`m selling off the pride of my collection, all unworn for 15 years, as my foot has changed from my younger days. Although I was always an 8 1/2UK, there was a stage where I went a half size down, and enjoyed the sleeker fit, but alas, this no longer works. I`d say all these fit a standard 8UK wearer.   Order may be different from photos  < 1. EG Dover 8EUK (Upper superb, heel factory replacement) 2. EG strap 8DUK (Upper superb, sole very little wear) 3. EG Slipon...
Anthony Cleverly
I've bought one in the past but if advise to get it done professionally if it's a dress belt. I've always found that I have not done a great job as expected.
Not mine but I believe it's the 700hp Aventador by Lambo
Black on black!
Internet wisdom!This has not been my experience as I showed in photos earlier though it is difficult to prove otherwise as there could be many factors influencing the size issue - sole, lasting and other small factors in finishing. Best to gather as much information from advice and keep the return option open is my advice.The guys at Skoatie offer a fine service and are highly recommended.
These are from Zuriick. Take a look at their site and offerings. The William model. Only had the heel tapered locally by Brass, but that's not visible in the photo. Full pics of the boots earlier in the thread if I recall.
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