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 Very nice!That reminds, I haven't had a chance to sit down for a while and give my shoes a good polish, and I've been saying this to myself for the past two weeks or so.
I once wore a pair of double monks with a fantastic mirror shine to university, I felt like a twat to be honest; mind you, I was overwhelmed with exams and I find shoe shining to be therapeutic.
Another call for expression of interest in a Sydney screening of I Colori di Antonio, a documentary by the folks at The Armoury? It's largely an excuse to get together for dinner or drinks afterwards, but might interest people who just want to see the film. It is likely to take place at the University of New South Wales, it's one of the few places I can secure a room large enough for something like this. However, I have a few other places in mind.
Christ, I haven't logged on in just over twenty four hours and I have about ten pages to read through, but when I'm keeping an eye on the thread it moves at a glacial pace! Just for future reference would any Sydney folk be interested in a screening of I Colori di Antonio followed by drinks or dinner in the next couple of weeks?
While I'm not fond of the execution, I commend you on your efforts nonetheless mate. Perhaps its due to the fact you are wearing sunglasses indoors that strikes me as odd. I caught your comment on wearing ties to university, if you can wear it well as part of an ensemble rather than for the sake of wearing a tie please feel free to experiment with it -- especially if you are in a course where the campus hoodie isn't the personal uniform. I wear a sport coat and tie most...
Among the other SF'ers I'd like to congratulate you and hope you enjoy your well deserved break. Thanks, for everything Spoo!
I don't know how to respond to this, but I hope you bear no ill will towards me. Perhaps caricature may have been a better word to describe Top Hat Guy. He may have been known by many on campus, but surely not everything uttered after his name was positive.
I think most people who I meet for the first time are a little surprised. I find that women are more receptive to the way I dress, or the way many of you might dress -- they like it and find it refreshing or charming. I do worry about becoming a character on campus; there is a confessional page on Facebook where people confess their undying love or sexual fantasies with other people on campus, several friends have pointed out that some of them may be directed towards me,...
As a student who mostly wears a sport coat, shirt, and tie I'll admit sometimes I feel a little bit like a twat amongst other students who are of the ratty t-shirt and denim kind, but I've decided to carry on. Although I'm asked why I'm dressed like this from time to time, I think it's subtle enough as there are many girls who treat the campus like a runway. I think you're on the right track. Perhaps people on your campus will be better dressed than mine.
Boo -- ordered 24th June, and I'm still waiting on it. Don't mind me though, I'm a product of brats who expect too much from express service.
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