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Hey guys,   I have yet to try Loctite on the screws on my bags, but it has been my suggestion for those who have asked. I include a few spare screws with each bag and let customers know that the leather will stretch and screws may loosen.   If you are wondering why I prefer the screws over rivets or other fasteners, it goes back to the Henry Ford/Leo Fender(the guitar guy) "interchangeable parts" philosophy first and foremost. If a strap breaks, it is much easier...
Oops, thank you. Fixed it in my post as well.
Hi everyone,   My name is Chris and I run The Sawyer Cabinet Co. out of my home workshop near Philadelphia, PA. I have only been working with leather for about two years, so I appreciate the kind words, helpful tips and suggestions on the briefcase.  Regarding Furo's pro's and con's list (glad there are more pro's than con's!) I will add this:   - As stated, I will soon be carrying a 12-14 oz. leather for use on straps instead of doubling up the 6-7 oz stuff...
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