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Yes they seem to run out of things and add new lines as the campaign goes on. I just got a campaign update email from them this morning and they just posted all these new denims:
I found this kick starter and though I would share. I've bought 3 pairs already and I can't wait to get them. They are offering a large variety or denims and they keep adding new color/denim options as the kick starter goes on.
I found this incredibly fascinating.  It is long and you might want to turn off the sound... though I found that the sound track put me into a trance and got me through all 20 minutes :P
I am excited for this! Who else here will be going to check out all the great wears there?  
I've been enjoying this wallet for the last few weeks.  It holds my phone and the few cards and cash I like to have on me. Pretty slick   Oh and its from Bison:         
thanks :)
please excuse my ignorance but what are AE, EG, JL, and St.C?
  I'm wearing their 002 boots today.  I like them a lot.  I have never handled their suede.
A few I have come to admire in the last few months:
I remember reading on here that this boot is made by Allen Edmond.  I was talking to a Wolverine vendor today and he mentioned that the standard 1000 Mile boots are made by "White's Boot Co.' of Spokane, WA.  Anybody ever hear of this?
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