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Could you guys recommend any brands that make nice cotton/linen shirts.
You can get more info here, http://www.straightrazorplace.com/forums/
Interesting first post.
Mine was Commodore 128D, but i only used it to play Commodore 64 games on it.
I have a 05 Lincoln town car..
I'm looking to get some casual but a little dressy shoes to wear with jeans and could use some recommendation. I'm looking for both brown and black. I appreciate any replies.
I also recommend visiting www.menessentials.com regarding skin care.
Anything from Truefit&Hill.
Quote: Originally Posted by bcate3 Speedy Pro has a lemania manual movement & is the model used by NASA. the other speedy uses an automatic chrono from ETA, I believe. The speedy pro is the historically more significant watch with a more prestigious movement and I think it's fair to say that it's more coveted by collectors. Got it...Thanks.
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