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Also really like these shoes and like to get opinions,
I was just browsing Topman's site and noticed that they will be opening a store in NY this fall very close to Uniqlo,
Moonphase is the only one I like, but at 46mm it might be way too big.
Quote: Originally Posted by oirvine There is a gentlemen that posts videos on You Tube that were a big help when I started with DE razors. You have see them at I ended up picking up my DE razor on ebay for $15 shipped. The only hard part is finding good blades. The ones you get at drug stores can be pretty bad. This guys sells a sample pack of different blades, I highly recommend trying out different...
Thanks for all the replies, besides Zara any other brands you guys recommend not more than $100.00.
I'd like to get opinion on the quality and fit of Uniqlo's cotton/linen blend shirts. I was at their store in NY and they have a bunch of them in nice colors and patterns reasonably priced at $39.95 but didnt have time to try them on since I had to take the train back to long island. I appreciate any feedback.
I ordered a basic shirt last night..will see how it turns out.
I just have way to much hair on my upper cheeks and thinking about getting Laser done to get rid of them. You guys recommend any good places around NY area. I appreciate any replies.
I don't know if I could ever afford but, but most certainly my favorite watch brand.
You could try this,
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