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Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Easiest question ever. Squats Deadlifts Good mornings Really. That's all you need. Your lower back will be a rock. Agreed.
Are these re-runs or new episodes.
1. Death Magnetic..Metallica
I use to play Snooker but haven't payed in a while. It's hard to find someone to play snooker with but I really feel like just practicing on my own, just have to find a place in NYC or Long Island with a full size Snooker table. If anyone knows any places in NYC or surroundings areas with Snooker table please let me know.
I always wanted a fireplace but can't get one installed and there are some really nice looking electric fireplaces available in the market. Just wanted to get opinion from you guys if electric fire place looks good and if anyones using one. I was looking to get this one,
Thanks for all the replies, I think I'm gonna go get my stuff from Ikea, just looking at their latest catalogue they have some nice furniture reasonably priced.
I'm gonna be closing on a new home in a couple of weeks and need to pickup some living room and dining room furniture. I really don't wanna spend a lot of money on expensive furniture and was wondering if you guys could recommend stores like Ikea or any internet site that sells reasonably priced modern looking furniture. I'm not far from NYC, if anyone knows any places there. I appreciate any comments.
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda Sure, it's Item #272871 listed simply as "Shoe Tree" at $19.99 for two pair. Thanks.
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