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You may also try they often have Vintage collar for sale. Sometimes they are cleanable and other times not. So, just be careful. Barkers Laundry in London will have a go at cleaning them for you
Hello gents. I've made the acquaintance of a business called Bespoke Collars in recent months. From what I see across the board, he has the most interesting design range on the market. I fully endorse his quality of work and have made myself quite a collection from his website. I have tried the E&R as well as Brooks Brothers...they are fine, yet lack any new or inventive designs when it comes to shirts of collars.    Best of luck with your satorial hunt.   Carl
Hello,   My name is Carl. I take pride in my appearance and like to dress in edgy type business attire and semi-formal clothing. I recently discovered the wonderful world of detachable collars and haven't turned back since.   Best of luck gents!   Carl
This sounds like a veritable disaster story! I have also had difficulties matching shirts and collars in the past, but mostly because of style and size differences between various suppliers. These days, I just stick to the one supplier, there is no confusion between size labeling and fit etc and I have found my tunic shirts and collars fit absolutely perfectly!   You're right about the starched collars - I only wear them now. They are supreme in every way. I have...
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