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Not a top shot but ...     
Well like every day I was checking eBay for hoping for some deals on the 721LTD (Missed the shot on You-Know-Who pairs) when I saw that so I pulled the trigger! I was on the right place at the right time I think! I will see for real if I like them, and if not, I will resell them and go for a probably long and hard seek of 721LTD in my size.
WOW!   Just saw this on eBay!   I pulled the trigger, for this price it's a steal! I think the seller missed the case that it is 744LTD and not a regular 1000 miler! Only a little defect but for this price ...
Don't know what to think yet ... It depends a lot of the picture! On LeoSquare Mens's Facebook page, they look quite nice, but on NeedSupply, I find it quite hideous.   Here is a bonus pic, from a dealer who revealed a picture too soon :    
Official teaser !!!  
Picture leaked and not hard to find ...   Don't know what to think about it ... It's basically what we saw on the green shoe.
Did someone noticed this pic ? A classic 1000 Mile model in #8 Cordovan!       Also, when is the 744 Ltd supposed to be released ? Thanks!
  It can't be the correction of the camera because the 721LTD near the pseudo-744LTD is in the right color ... I find it a bit bulbous too but well, I think we can believe Crane and wait for pics of the REAL shoe. I just hope that I will not miss the 721 LTD, especially because there is a pair in my size on eBay.
First post here! I found strange pic on Facebook of the 744LTD posted by the same person that posted pics here ... The color is very disturbing, very greenish ... Do you guys know if it is a fake or the real shoes ?
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