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Thanks ThinkDerm.   I wore those shoes to work yesterday and then walked across town to a dinner.  They look good, fit well and are comfortable.     I have 2 pairs of Zees shoes and I say their service, fair prices and good quality are an excellent value.
Just got my 2nd pair of shoes from Zee's.   Like my first pair, they are comfortable and fit well.  Darkest brown calf w/ matching suede.  Goodyear welted.   I've read that goodyear welted shoes are extremely stiff and take some time getting broken in, but these already have pretty good flex and I don't feel will need a lot of time to break in.     Nice job Zee's.    
I think it came out well.  That's a nice lapel roll there.
For anybody that has both a TaT and a Kent Wang suit, what are the differences that make the Kent Wang a better suit?
I just received my first order.  Here are some shots after a quick spin in the house.  Fit is very good.  These are unpolished-- just straight out of the box.      
I just contacted Zee's and they informed me that goodyear welting is only available with double leather soles.  If i want single leather soles, then blake construction is the only option.   Does anybody have any pictures to show their double soled goodyear construction?  Not sure I'll go that route if they appear to be too thick/ heavy.   Thanks.
Merry Christmas all.  Santa brought me a new suit.  Appreciate feedback on the fit and what I should tell the alterations tailor to fix.  Regards.      
8 oz is a lightweight fabric.  Don't think it would be the best in the colder months.
Hi a tailor,   Thanks for your feedback.  This is my first effort at Internet MTM.   Unfortunately, my sleeves are narrow-- they came that way, I did not include a measurement of my biceps or arms.  Please could you elaborate what you mean by "rotate the sleeves forward"?  I am afraid if I use those exact words to the alterations tailor, he will not know what I mean and I will be unable to articulate further.   Regards,   Pogiguy  
Hi Tailors,   Just got a new suit.  Please can you comment on the fit, particularly on the shoulders, chest, and backside jacket.  I would like to accurately describe to my alterations tailor what needs to be done to make it better.   Thank you.  
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