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What about the Neumok?
Here are a few pics:       The Shoe Bank is selling the Park Ave seconds for $259 which is $40 more than the Nordstrom sale price.
I'm not liking the soles on the first pair so I will wait it out.
The first pair is ending in 90 minutes and is currently $70 after shipping.   The second pair is ending on Friday and is currently $40 after shipping.
The seller just sent me a picture of the soles:   I might hold off on this pair as there's another auction ending tomorrow with much better looking soles (see below)
Thanks for the info. I understand wanting to see the soles, but what would the information on the stamp provide?
Looking to add to my collection from eBay. Unfortunately there's only one picture available: Here's the info: This is a very high end / quality pair of shoes that are in good condition.  All leather uppers and leather soles. Soles and heels are in very good condition.   Would you trust it? The seller has excellent feedback.
Now that's a deal!
Still unsure if I could pull off the blue. Did you pay full price? I'm hoping for a sale....
Hope you didn't keep those jeans cuffed. How's the fit? Does it being unlined make it uncomfortable?
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