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I used AE Conditioner on a brand new black shoe (Jefferson) and a lot of black came off on the cloth. Is that normal for a black shoe? It didn't happen with my walnut.
I like them! Which styles are those?
What about an 8.5D and an 8E? Many more choices with a D width!
Nicely put.
What about the Neumok?
Here are a few pics:       The Shoe Bank is selling the Park Ave seconds for $259 which is $40 more than the Nordstrom sale price.
I'm not liking the soles on the first pair so I will wait it out.
The first pair is ending in 90 minutes and is currently $70 after shipping.   The second pair is ending on Friday and is currently $40 after shipping.
The seller just sent me a picture of the soles:   I might hold off on this pair as there's another auction ending tomorrow with much better looking soles (see below)
Thanks for the info. I understand wanting to see the soles, but what would the information on the stamp provide?
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