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I noticed the same thing in store too but am going to buy the brown just to darken. The edges of the tan shoe are much lighter than the brown shoe.
In the 5 last, I wear an 8E with my Park Ave & Jeffersons and have heel slippage in my right shoe. I'd like to order the Cronmok and since it's unlined, should I order an 8D or keep the E width and use a tongue pad? Also, how is the Patriot sized? I'd go to the store but just noticed that Fatwallet has 5% cashback.
The brown looks great though I'm not experienced enough to play around like that. How did the brown look before you did it?
Any other prices available? Neumok? Dornoch?
the only thing that won't sync in Outlook is Notes.
The bulge and the break right in the center. Not sure what it's called.
I've noticed this in my shoe after 2 wears. Is something like this normal? I don't think it looks good.
Not sure if it's been mentioned, I saw signs for a new AE store in NYC on 43rd between 5th and 6th.
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