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I'm not prepared to buy shoes just for funerals!   Makes sense, thank you.
Wearing mine today, I oiled them up to make them darker though....
Is the Park Ave in black necessary for a collection if I have the Jefferson in black? Can't the Jefferson be worn in formal settings as well? I don't want excess for just the sake of excess
Thank you and thanks for the help earlier!
I went back to the store and they gave me another pair and they feel much better! Though I'm sure they're sick of seeing me in that store, they were really helpful. Interestingly, the Walnut is quite dark:
Thanks for the response! It's the Jefferson, 5 last. I'm only having discomfort in the left shoe.
The arch isn't so bad when I walk, it's more uncomfortable when I'm sitting. If it matters.
The left arch is pretty uncomfortable but if it's part of the cork and will settle then I'm ok with that. Does the arch mold with the foot?
Ok, back at this. AE swapped out a pair so now I've gone from 8E ---> 8D ---> 8.5D. They felt good in the store and I'm wearing them around the office carpet today to see how they'll fit and I'm noticing tightness in my left arch area. Will this go away or should I just give up?
I was told on the phone that I need to go through the exchange process again (for the 3rd time). I think I may just return them for a refund, it's too frustrating.
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