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Thanks-I couldn't have done it without you.   I did the 2 coats of Neatsfoot oil and one coat of Renovateur. Should I be using polish?
Here are my "darkened" browns:
I just got my 1/2 size down Patriots (Burgundy) and I can't get my foot in the left shoe! Back to the drawing board.
I'm not prepared to buy shoes just for funerals!   Makes sense, thank you.
Wearing mine today, I oiled them up to make them darker though....
Is the Park Ave in black necessary for a collection if I have the Jefferson in black? Can't the Jefferson be worn in formal settings as well? I don't want excess for just the sake of excess
Thank you and thanks for the help earlier!
I went back to the store and they gave me another pair and they feel much better! Though I'm sure they're sick of seeing me in that store, they were really helpful. Interestingly, the Walnut is quite dark:
Thanks for the response! It's the Jefferson, 5 last. I'm only having discomfort in the left shoe.
The arch isn't so bad when I walk, it's more uncomfortable when I'm sitting. If it matters.
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