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Where can I find the Liddesdale in NYC? Any idea what it's going to run?
That last pic looks black.
Regarding the Walnut: These are darker than other Walnut Jeffersons I've seen. It didn't happen over time, that was the first day wearing them
Here are my Walnuts:
LOVE those. What are they?
While picking up a pair a few weeks ago, the SA bent the shoe a little bit to make the fit better. I'd like to do it with a new pair I got shipped to me but don't remember exactly how she did it. Anyone know the proper way so I don't ruin my new shoes?
Thanks-I couldn't have done it without you.   I did the 2 coats of Neatsfoot oil and one coat of Renovateur. Should I be using polish?
Here are my "darkened" browns:
I just got my 1/2 size down Patriots (Burgundy) and I can't get my foot in the left shoe! Back to the drawing board.
I'm not prepared to buy shoes just for funerals!   Makes sense, thank you.
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