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      The store manager told me this exactly: "The sale is mainly accessories but 4 or 5 shoe styles." That's all I was able to get.
Side note: Their Thanksgiving sale is starting on Sunday.
Love this.
Today: Jeffersons in black
Thanks for sharing. I wish all of their shoes shipped with the same bags as the Independence Collection.
Is there any info out there regarding a Black Friday sale?
Any pics? Is it the same material as the red bags?
The 8D slipped off of my foot and I couldn't get the 7.5D on my foot. I went to the store and tried the 8D with a tongue pad and that wasn't comfortable either. It was my first time at this location and the Manager helped me. She was fantastic. We're going to try a Walden and a 9C in the Patriot to see if it fits. I personally like the look of the Patriot over the Walden.   Depending on the color you want, they offer some narrow sizes that may fix the slippage you're...
Thanks, I like it.
Has anyone gotten a good fit with the Patriot yet? Bringing the pair I ordered online to the store tomorrow to see if I can get a better fit.
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