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How are AE's socks? They're on sale now, worth a try?
Tried sizing down.These are Jeffersons, my other pair or Jeffersons (same size, different color) fit great.
Any ideas?
I'm having issues with my heels slipping out of my shoes. I tried tongue pads today with no luck. After looking at the shoes I noticed the top of both of the back (?) of the shoes looking loose. I have other shoes and they aren't like this. Would this be considered a defect?
      The store manager told me this exactly: "The sale is mainly accessories but 4 or 5 shoe styles." That's all I was able to get.
Side note: Their Thanksgiving sale is starting on Sunday.
Love this.
Today: Jeffersons in black
Thanks for sharing. I wish all of their shoes shipped with the same bags as the Independence Collection.
Is there any info out there regarding a Black Friday sale?
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