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They're a bit wider, not as form fitting.
So much info here, Sienna fits great in the shoulders but would like to stay within the Napoli price range. Napoli's shoulders don't fit as well. Could a tailor fix that or is it not worth all of the trouble?
How are AE's socks? They're on sale now, worth a try?
Tried sizing down.These are Jeffersons, my other pair or Jeffersons (same size, different color) fit great.
Any ideas?
I'm having issues with my heels slipping out of my shoes. I tried tongue pads today with no luck. After looking at the shoes I noticed the top of both of the back (?) of the shoes looking loose. I have other shoes and they aren't like this. Would this be considered a defect?
      The store manager told me this exactly: "The sale is mainly accessories but 4 or 5 shoe styles." That's all I was able to get.
Side note: Their Thanksgiving sale is starting on Sunday.
Love this.
Today: Jeffersons in black
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