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Just order a $200 gift card and the the $50 credit will process right away.
  Granted I expect more when I pay more, though these were $199 (minus various discounts), they were sold as firsts. Firsts is a level of quality, if they are second quality, I should be paying the seconds price.
Thanks all for your feedback- I reached out to them and will see what they have to say. The boots are really nice overall and hope that if I end up keeping them that scuff will be able to come out.
 The breaks in the leather and the black dot are ok? The first picture is a scuff in the seam. Picture below Where do they squeak? Did you keep them? I bought these to replace a pair of shoes that squeak so that'll be a bad situation... It's a scuff in the seam, here's a new picture. The others are ok to you as firsts? Isn't the leather "off"?  
Any ideas with mine? http://www.styleforum.net/t/141581/allen-edmonds-appreciation-thread/59700_30#post_7887667
Just received these Bleecker Streets as firsts- I was really excited to get them until I opened the box. Is there any way these are firsts?          
Do the Bleeckers only come in Bob's chili? The 2nd site only lists them as chili.
I get the risk on a flaw but them being used and worn in should not qualify as "seconds".
I received my first pair of seconds yesterday (Harrison) and they were a complete disaster! On the phone I was told that they were tried on a few times but still brand new so I thought that would be fine. When I opened the box I was quite disappointed to see that the shoes looked as if they had been recrafted. The soles were new but the insole was very worn (and dirty). The toplines were soft as if someone was putting them on without a shoe horn, repaired scuffs in the...
I didn't try that, the jacket barely buttons closed with a 40 in Sienna. Do you think a Napoli 38 would be able to be taken out more than an inch?
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