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Rocking my new Bleecker Streets in Chili today. Check out the AE stamp in the insole. Have you ever seen a crooked stamp that before?  
Looks good to me.
Any info out there about the tent sale?
Just order a $200 gift card and the the $50 credit will process right away.
  Granted I expect more when I pay more, though these were $199 (minus various discounts), they were sold as firsts. Firsts is a level of quality, if they are second quality, I should be paying the seconds price.
Thanks all for your feedback- I reached out to them and will see what they have to say. The boots are really nice overall and hope that if I end up keeping them that scuff will be able to come out.
 The breaks in the leather and the black dot are ok? The first picture is a scuff in the seam. Picture below Where do they squeak? Did you keep them? I bought these to replace a pair of shoes that squeak so that'll be a bad situation... It's a scuff in the seam, here's a new picture. The others are ok to you as firsts? Isn't the leather "off"?  
Any ideas with mine?
Just received these Bleecker Streets as firsts- I was really excited to get them until I opened the box. Is there any way these are firsts?          
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