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I'm looking for a dark grey suit and the Sienna is the best fit for me jacket wise. Unfortunately their options are limited. Can anyone recommend a color that's somewhat universal from the Sienna line?
Looks like the original tie has some texture or a design to it.
Thank you-I don't have a budget per se, this is for a special occasion and I want to look sharp.
Hi. I am looking for a tie similar to this to match this suit: Or if anyone could suggest an alternative shirt & tie combo? Thank you
Thanks, it's on a totally new last, their 1943.Here are the specs:
Since I've seen the Cornwallis mentioned quite a bit recently, I thought I'd share mine.
I have the boots and they're great.
Thanks a lot for the info!
Anyone have the Steen? How do they look & fit? I'm interested in a pair but they're 2nd only.
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