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  Carmina ?? Howard Yount
Hey Guys,   I am looking for a spring jacket and was wondering if anyone could offer up some suggestions.  Basically looking for something in a slim fit to wear with dress shirt and pants (not over a blazer or suit). I am not interested in a trench style coat.  So does anyone have any suggestions of what they wear that might fit the bill?  Budget would be < $700 if possible.   Thanks
It doesn't look too bad to me for off the rack.  Maybe a little extra room through the back.  I think it would be personal preference if you want a little more suppression or not.  Some people here like things really slim fitting and some don't.  Really up to you but it looks okay as is to me.
Maybe it's just my browser on my phone but I don't see any prices in the thread.  Are they all $195?   Thanks
Hey Guys,   Since you all appear to be the Carmina experts I thought I would post this here. I recently got a pair of Carmina punch toes on the Simpson last.  The problem I am having is that although they are a good fit in the width and length and actually a little tight across the top of my foot, I find my heel still lifts a little bit when I walk.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Any idea why this would be?   Thanks
Should also mention I am looking for something in brown (any shade).   Thanks
Hi All,   I was hoping to get some suggestions for some shoes that are good for walking many hours a day while traveling. I am leaning to towards something that is a slip on but that is not set in stone.  I would like them to work with jeans and chino style pants.  Price range would be < $250.  Any suggestions are appreciated.   Thanks
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