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Any idea where you can get polarized lenses for New Wayfarer Large (55mm)?
What can color of Pants can I wear to a beige Pullover and shirt underneath? And what to grey Chinos? Thought about Navy/Blue Pullover but what Shirt and tie? 
Any idea how you need to cut and style your hair to get the style which Brad Pitt had in Inglourious Basterds?
Push to top :P Also interested in something similar to this. 
Back from the gym... In case it was so warm (35°C and 80% humidity) out there I didn't go jogging outside. Instead I jogged at the gym for 30 min (4.25km). Took socks with me but my drink bottle leaked and the socks were all wet so I trained and jogged without them - Result 2 big blister on every feat -.-    The rest of the workout looks like this:     26.7 30min treadmill 3 Sets á 10 reps Leg press (100,130,150kg) 3 Sets á 10 reps rear Kick 30kg 3 Sets...
  Next time I wear the suit I will do a full shot ;)
Im sorry that I am not perfect... Anyway the picture wasn't taken by myself, I don't have any that I took myself. I posted the pic to get some tips and I see that the tie is crap and the reason is - we drove after the chruch with Cars to the restaurant and it was hot so I loosed the tie an opened the upper button and than i forgot to tight tie correctly back. Maybe the photograph have some better than I Post one of them - this was taken by a guest with his cam
Posted it because there is no better pic
This is what I have worn last Thursday at the wedding of my cousin. Critic is welcome except the tie bounding. :P   Thats the only one which is good for a presentation to you  
This was my workout today     10min climbing machine Warm-Up 5 Sets á 10 reps. 35kg Chest Press 4 Sets á 10 reps 30kg Butterfly 4 Sets á 10 reps 30kg wide chest press 4 Sets á 10 reps 50kg lower row tight 4 Sets á 10 reps 40kg lower row wide 4 Sets á 10 reps 30kg lat 3 Sets á 10 reps 20kg shoulder press 4 Sets á 10 reps 15kg cable triceps extension 10min treadmill cool down   (font from iOS Notes App, sorry for that)   Plan...
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