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Those glasses that Bieber is wearing are really terrible and don't fit him Not trying to hate on him randomly like a youtube comment.
Very good.
Riio - S2A sneakers are lengthwise about the same as CPs.
Synthese steezy as always. OV undershirt? Kind of interesting.
20-sided die by Cannon.
Yeah, S2A sneaks are wider than CPs (which is probably a good thing). The finishing on them is good enough but not great (when I looked under the insole, the extra thread from the sole stitching is just chilling there uncut). Also, the leather on the black ones isn't great, although the suede parts are really high quality. Fully leather lined on the inside, feels great.
Once you have enough Mexican guys call you chino, the name becomes tolerable.
And finally after the sixth one, I managed to get the blue pants and the green shirt.
Oh My God Triple Space Shuttle It Goes All The Way Across
Wish it was a medium. BUMP
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