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If someone were to describe this to me, I would imagine it to be horrific. Seeing it in the lookbook and your pics though, it looks pretty damn good.
Re: whodini's fit, I like that the pants are baggier because they're so high rise. I think in this case the proportions aren't off, they're just different.
Wish it would get a bit colder so I can break mine out.
Burgundy boots look boss.
Hey it looks like everyone else's lookbook, but 4 to 6 weeks later.
Jeans + shoes look great tonio. Great fit on the EPs with just the right amount of stack. Also, I thought I was crazy re: H&M blazer fit. +1 to "it looks like everything fits ok but the patterns/styling needs reconsideration".
Quote: Originally Posted by hideout has anyone posted pictures of faded raw greys? mine are coming in pretty slowly (though i haven't been wearing them that hard) and i'd like to see if anyone's had success with them. After a wash, you'll notice fading a lot more. I haven't even worn mine all that much yet. I personally thought mine looked a bit flat after I gave them a wash
... how were you measuring it before?
The fit on the Ervell jeans looks off they're supposed to be slim but they look pretty baggy through the thighs.
Those Stows are really really good. Damn I want a pair.
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