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Get them a half size or even full size down. Their sizing is about the same as Converse Chucks.
PM sent
Stazy, Great coat and suede boots. Coat in particular fits very well.
Well, the Volcom raw jeans did look a size big and not great
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen If what he said was too much for you to handle you'd probably be better off reading the purseblog forums. Riiiiight. That was a funny comment. Hoo boy. Anyway, it was just an observation about an observation -- no more offensive than the comment I was responding to -- so I guess if you can't take it you might be better off reading the purseblog forums. (Did you see what I did there?)
Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB Trying to keep a higher standard I guess. If I want to see tragic outfits and items I'll go to a Westfield Mall. Style Forum should be a place to be inspired, to see creativity it shouldn't be a place for the mundane. If I see something that insults my eyes I've decided to call it in the fairest way possible. I'm pretty sure this is the way a windbag says that they're justified being a rude dick on the...
I like the Nikes, but the lame azn speak should obviously go.
If something falls through, I'd be interested.
God I am glad I got in on this at $100. Too bad I should've gone half a size down on the chukka.
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