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Quote: Originally Posted by Phiberglass What jacket? Looks like an S2A trench. I have an unlined cotton one in small I've been stuck with forever -- looks like that one. I've got so much crap I need to purge.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 so like, did we decide if chambray goes with denim or just chinos. thanks. Read Mack's response. They go, but if the color is too close, it gets weird.
Didn't think you could make yourself look more retarded after you tell us that chambray shirts are business casual, but at this point you're just trying to save face by lashing out. That's sad because I wasn't trying to make you feel like shit, I was just trying to politely let you know that you were wrong. It's also sad because you're doing this because you got dissed on the internet. Go have a beer and shut the fuck up.
Chambray shirts are 1000% not business casual, unless your business involves some sort of tinkering with automobiles.
lol that is a really bad sweater to try to photoshop that way.
You need to stop bumping this shit & abusing the B&S forum rules - you've already polluted enough affiliate threads with your obnoxious shilling.
Just wanted to say that your web store looks great -- easy to navigate, great photography too.
I get the sense that these threads are all started by "celebrity fashion" bloggers. Blehh
This place will gladly accept conspicuous consumption as it relates to style when it's clear that it's that person's money to waste (e.g. money not from parents, misappropriated school loans, etc.). So you really have to be a special type of grating asshole for people to react like this -- the kind that somehow lacks any charisma or panache despite wearing the most stylish clothes.
Cold. Or even easier, just spray the waistband with a spray bottle.
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