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Nice boots, aeglus.
This thread sucks. Stop filling up the main page with personal questions that are irrelevant to almost everyone but you, it's selfish.
Jeans don't have to be uncomfortable for the first two weeks. Half an inch in the waist is fine - wear a belt.
Ed from Top Chef reunion special was wearing the J. Crew gray chambray.
F2B was way too touchy.
Vegas carries Margiela, at least as of last weekend.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wupper Would love to see aeglus' fit with a leather cap and a moustache... ... do you like gladiator movies.
lol Also lolled at WHAT A TWIST
As long as you're aware of what you're getting into with Sumowax, then go for it. At room temperature it's basically a solid. To get it workable, you need to heat it a bit. They recommend using a hair dryer. It's a good product, just a bit finicky to apply. There's a whole host of putties and waxes that aren't too dissimilar though.
Quote: Originally Posted by notwithit That's the moto, right? I feel like the shoulders have looked more squared-off, for lack of a better term, in most of the ToJ moto/DR fits that I've seen. Looks good. IMO the moto shoulders are half an inch too wide, which exaggerates the squared-off structured look. I ended up getting my moto altered to bring the shoulders in and it looks really good now, v similar to how it looks in this pic.
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