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Got the gray flannel shirt in. The fabric is redonkulous butter. Not sure if the collar has gotten higher than before. Are the MOP buttons new?
Chesterfield in S&P looks great. Waiting for fit pics/measurements to cop. Is a non-winter varsity jacket possible?
Yeah, not sure if you're bemused or if you're angry, but it comes with the territory obv.
I think the blazer with jeans thing needs considerable understanding of suit jackets, blazers, sport coats, etc. What makes them tick. What makes them formal, casual. Shoulder structure, lapels, length, texture, pockets, details, etc. When you look at successful casual blazer fits, you should be able to point out what about the blazer makes it work. I think that understanding the MC-ish aspect of jackets helps considerably.
sq4you likes to generate meta-discussion that centers directly above himself.
gdl - I think we're all looking for those
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m I really do not get the dickriding. I do.
+1 to max_r.
oxford/balmoral has closed lacing and is more formal. Bluchers are more casual in general.
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