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Don't shill your B&S thread in an affiliate's thread. It's really bad form.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug LA Guy should post the one where he had his stuff accidentally shipped to russia for a week or two before coming to idaho In Idaho Moscow, package delivers you.
loooooool YOUMAD.jpg
Yeah, don't remember what it was but I do recall thinking a few months back how that guy seems like a serious cock knocker.
Yeah just gave you a free bumpski. That guy is a fuckface.
Whaaaat the fuck @ painted GATs. That's... I think SF might be hitting that critical mass where you need to be more cautious in B&S. I don't think I will ever "gift" a Paypal payment.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Really? No one else thinks it went from bad to Hall from Hall & Oats? Say money, money won't get you too far. Looks awesome, Listi.
Actually, maybe you should STFU and not hawk your wares on a forum where the rules specifically state not to hawk wares.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Prople calling it this of pisses me off. Haven't you ever heard of some little singer oh I can't quite remember, oh yeah fucking MORRISSEY? This is a silly thing to point out btw.
Soon enough everybody on SF will have the AESyntheseglus hair cut. Then we will all own Diors and GATs, with ToJ up top. Then, we march on Poland.
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