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Quote: Originally Posted by bananananana lol at this fake chivalry. Like anyone here really gives a fuck. You should've punched her in her tits. lolllll
Hey here are some links for boots: Alden boots Price of Aldens My opinion on Frye boots Are all boots waterproofed?
Do not want. And don't call me Shirley.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I'm convinced whatever123 is a blue in green shill du won't stfu about his garbage repro jeans. That guy is horrible.
Quote: Originally Posted by iamshawno
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y what makes people think that varsity letters look good? Probably the fact that they mostly look good.
First and only ignore here for me is slack tide. This says a lot considering I haven't blocked Kent Money.
You guys are nuts. The length of the jacket is fine, and it's slim through the body when it's zipped. The sleeves are a touch long. The problem is that all the details (the snaps, epaulets/passants, zippers, belt, etc.) look really cheesy. I can't even tell if the jacket is made from leather/pleather or if it's made from some technical fabric. In the end, it's the sort of jacket that screams cheap fast fashion (I couldn't afford a half decent leather jacket) and looks...
Quote: Originally Posted by bach that's my plan. also i gotta stop doing squats and d/l. Would not do that. I think bigger thighs will make your hips look smaller in proportion.
Quote: Originally Posted by 300zx1985 totally man, tiger of sweden is great, they will match all your naked and famous gear. too bad there is no tiger of canada lol
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