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Boots look pretty bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you i'm not saying that buying stuff on sale or below retail is bad. i'm saying that the guy is a noob when it comes to determining authenticity of expensive sneakers. despite this, he goes onto EBAY (notorious for fake shit), finds a lowball deal, and then is surprised that they might be fake. all this before he has even gotten his shoes because 2 people told him they MIGHT be fake. because he wanted to save a little bit...
^^ Please do.
Moral of the story: don't circumvent eBay when it comes to purchasing potentially shady stuff, and do PayPal goods payments with your CC.
Dudes this mad on the internet are usually unbalanced, imo.
Quote: Originally Posted by gtu2004 can someone repost Uncontrol's 15 yo pic? Now that's creepy.
Bump for awesome boots
Quote: Originally Posted by splattered The shoulders are a bit pointy though like the last moto i got... whats up with that? I guess if i had naturally flat frankenstein shoulders it wouldnt bother me but my traps raise up a bit off my shoulders to my neck so its like... downward curved from the neck into an almost upward point at the ends of the shoulders. Argh. The moto was designed to have strong, structured shoulders, so I think if you...
The weirdness of the MMM mids for me is the suede toe part -- it just has an ugly blob shape to it.
Are those leather jackets made out of vinyl.
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