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jet would say something like "breezies gonna breeze" imo
jaac - Great fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by mattt Not the edgiest, but good fit. Sag the jeans though, they look a bit hendrixy? Quote: Originally Posted by Boddington Correct. I feared that coming up in discussion. SO it appears the general consensus is against the sweater, more specifically paired with the jeans and the shoes. Part of me wants to post a photo with the sweater and some...
Quote: Hello, Thank you for placing your order with us. Please disregard the email below your order for 1828 white patent is available and will be shipping out today. Thank you
As long as you realize it's making your short legs look shorter, go for it.
Hmmm... well ain't that some shit, it turns out my Italian Armys are actually Size 40s based on the extremely faded 40 stamped on the heel.
Do you live in The Shire? BTW you might find that the Italian Army CPs that JD_May linked above are perfect length for you -- they run shorter than Achilles.
For the sake of this thread I know it is best not to comment on the nutrition talk, but damn is it tempting.
It's a nice blazer. I'm unsure whether it's too big for you or not though: shoulders seem to be hanging off a bit, sleeves look wide, chest seems roomy, etc. Could just be the pic/pose/unbuttoning.
Quote: Originally Posted by Warren G. WTFKOP.... THANK YOU. Damn dude I sold my pair about 9 months ago. I really miss it, and regret selling it. Your post was like 5 weeks ago too. No kidding...I'm a 8.5 US EDIT : I guess it was the last pair too. lol I wear your old pair frequently. I know you were scrounging up for some other purchase -- and yeah it was obv. fortunate for me -- but I was thinking if I were you I'd find...
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