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Retraction: they are indeed dark brown. Indoor lighting FTL
Quote: Originally Posted by sh0ebox ^ So the brown patent bball highs they had were actually black? Yeah they're black. I figured they were mislabeled since a quick google search showed basically 0 hits for "brown patent" bball common projects.
Got the CP BBalls in from The Tannery - one each in black/white. So sick bro.
Hanes Premium shirts seem to shrink less than the regular versions (Premiums fit slightly bigger than regulars after wash/dry). Fabric feels better too.
I also wasn't a huge fan of the fit through the lower leg, but update pics look fantastic. Might make me a believer in soaking sanfordized denim before wear. Interested to see how they stretch and change with wear.
^I see a ton of this at sufu. I've convinced myself that it's aliens disguised as forum members that haven't discovered that humans with the same height/weight can have different shaped bodies.
eglbc - they're referring to another poster eckblk, who is known for koppin hot fire.
Quote: Originally Posted by hamish5178 . . . ability to think abstractly: also priceless ability to be a snarky douche and use tired memes: also priceless
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug i'm not worried about sf opinions. i still look fine but haven't done athletic things in a long time since i got out of grad school where i still was playing a ton of pickup basketball and various intramural sports. hard to find consistent sports here so figure maybe running with an ipod listening to comedy podcasts will help. hoping if i can get in ok cardio shape, i'd feel more comfortable trying to find pickup...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug based on the recent purchase discussion. what's a good running/excerise shoe i can find retail or on sale under $65? still slim but getting soft. want to start running or something If you're getting skinnyfat, why would you want to run. This is a tough question anyway since the answer depends on your gait (overpronator/neutral/underpronator).
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