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Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong hey guy, please post your next waywt directly to this thread: i want to see what happens thx lol nice callout in that thread by you. That is/was a horrible WAYWT pic.
Typically one would wear dark denim on his legs while resting the stacks gently on the top of the Achilles, which are firmly affixed to the feet. In other words, yes, white shoes look good with dark denim.
Top seems too wide, esp compared to bottom half. Not sure if the boots seem too clunky with the slimness of the jeans because I think the top half just exaggerates the slimness.
Newport Beach. Not an Arrested Development fan? OH MY GOD WE'RE HAVING A FIRE... SALE
UserName84 shipped v quickly and item was exactly as described. Awesome.
mensfashionjournal blog is pretty bad and I can't recommend visiting it, even if you're dying to figure out what sort of commentary on his outfit he's put up.
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you actually, you are misaccurate. oh wait.. lol misaccurate.
Also in that list of no-nos: getting what you claim is a wrong-colored varsity jacket and then wearing the right one in your WAYWT photo. Speaking of which, haven't checked that thread on Sam Youkilis in a while.
+1 that is a great looking sweater.
I would mess around with a homemade overdye. Why not right.
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