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I'm looking for something with a Dior 19cm-ish fit but harder wearing (less prone to fade, more durable). Does anyone have any suggestions?
I can see where the microsuede thing comes from -- the gunmetal chino fabric has a ridiculously soft hand. Mike, thx for consistently making a superior product. Going to enjoy the Rudie hat & shadow dot shirt in St. Maarten in a week
Yeah, I too am disappointed that Mike won't fly here with his personal jetpack to take my measurements for an off-the-rack shirt that can fit my unique proportions. GET YOUR DAMN SLEEVES SHORTENED YOU LAZY HOSERS.
Quote: Originally Posted by driveslowk Website ? Quote: Originally Posted by eglbc code? Baxter of California is giving a 20% discount from now until June 15th, 2011, in honor of Fathers Day. To take advantage of this offer, use the promo code "DAD" and get 20% off! - from
Sisssssssyyyyyyyy Spacerock!
Daaaamn son my paypal gonna be hurtin All this swag gonna have the ladies squirtin Nothing rhyme with House of Holland? How about Son, you never seen someone so ballin
Quote: Originally Posted by jaychiz to clarify the yoox price was? He bought these for $180 or $190.
TOJ: Dropping swag like ordinance on the ground
Careful. If you read reviews, everyone complains about wonky sizing. Not sure if it's even worth $16
Nice looking pair of jeans, but it is a bit flagrant calling two tshirts and a pair of jeans a collection.
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