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You need to either shoot in daylight or invest in a lighting kit. Investing in your work is important. A $300 investment for a camera, backdrop, and softbox pays for itself multiple times over.
 Wasn't even thinking about that when I shipped. I am not worried about him coming to see me. I stay strapped. You can put a ghost address, but if it gets lost...Well its gone. 100% agree. Most can tell an orphaned suit jacket and would prefer not to wear it solo. You have to be honest with these buyers or you wont be selling for long.
Two weeks ago a local guy asked to purchase a pair of pants and he paid through Paypal and I shipped since I didn't want to meet face to face. While we negotiated we sent numerous emails and communication was great. So today I get a package. He shipped the pants back with a note. No email or anything. Am I on the hook for this return? What recourse does he have against me. Since eBay was not involved what should I do? I really don't want to take this return. It's not the $...
I would tell him to BIN when he is ready to purchase and you can refund him the difference. Until then it will remain listed.
It sucks but you should refund him. Like SeaJen said, you need to include measurements. I learned this as well and plan to revisit my listings tonight. Also, did I see anyone here at the Goodwills in Smyrna or in Marietta off of Whitlock tonight?
It be that way sometimes. I noticed that when I do second chance offers they never accept. But if I relist I sell for more. I ain't mad.
This...I am just speaking from the thrift stores. Here in Atlanta not many if any allow returns, so I have to be 100% sure on items over thrift prices.
Its Ok to pass if you don't want to drop cash like that on your first go round. Its errors and second thoughts like these that keep you hunting. I have passed on brands that later I see in here that go for boatloads. It all a part of the learning process. Wes has been my model. I truly need to learn more and get my pics up to par as well as my consistency.
One thing I appreciate is eBay helping with fees and removing neg feedback. As of late I have not needed to plead my case as heavy when requesting feedback removal. Especially when buyers are extorting you.
Did you do this... 
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