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Went to the Nike Outlet yesterday.   Lunar ACG Terra Arktos in Volt/Khaki were $109.   Nike Nike Air Max 180 Engineered Mesh were 47.97   Nike Men's Air Max 180 Nike Men's Air Max 180 Nike Men's Air Max 180 Men's Nike Air Max 180 QS Running Shoes were 41.97 with 20% off hash wall       
eBay blocks alternate shipping when you have opted into the Global Shipping program. I think most in here have opted out of it. 
I think this is the best solution right? I mean I gave him an accurate description prior to his purchase and also dry cleaned it for him. He's reaching now. See below: Dear redacted, Thank you for your purchase. The jacket is preowned and the nap is considered normal wear. I will be more than happy to take the return as I feel it was priced great based on the condition. As you can see other items of the same at $100 and up. (Which I am sure is why you purchased it just...
I'm confused.
Finally used Succulent in the title of one of my listings. Thanks Wes!
Has anyone ever heard of Keith Highlander shoes?
Buyers who pay on Sat and you just happen to be doing nothing on Sat night and print the shipping label. Then hit you up on Monday asking where is the packages have to be the most annoying.
Right on to the real.
Do you plan on doing this for real or for quick cash? Maybe I'm speaking to the wrong hustle.
You need to either shoot in daylight or invest in a lighting kit. Investing in your work is important. A $300 investment for a camera, backdrop, and softbox pays for itself multiple times over.
New Posts  All Forums: