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 I feel you, and I didn't sell them for much, so I may go the full refund route. I had them for a while and looked over them thoroughly.   He said one came apart during dinner. He said when he got home he looked at the other it it came off in his hands. I am seriously mind blown. 
Honesty I am not 100% sure of the age.  Oh geez. He's a State Rep for a Midwest state. 
So I sold a pair of shoes on Feb 8th. Buyer paid and left positive feedback on Feb 14. I get and email today saying he wore them a few times and they have fell apart. I asked him for pics and he sent this over. Well damn. I feel bad, but I have to also think of how he may have worn them, trickery, etc. What would you do?   
Any Redskin fans?
Look like customs. But with Jordan brand you never know.
Found this Orvis Moleskin blazer with Deer Antler buttons. Available        [[SPOILER]]
I would go with the lows. Mids were cool, but I didn't like running in them. 
Would anyone have any info on this jacket. Seen it before?    
Patch pockets.
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