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I would go with the lows. Mids were cool, but I didn't like running in them. 
Would anyone have any info on this jacket. Seen it before?    
Patch pockets.
A couple Southwick blazers. Neither tell the size. Measures to 44R. Available
Think Black Friday x Nike/Jordan Shoe release during Christmas x American idol auditions. Absolutely frightening. 
Went to my first and last Goodwill opening. Someone should have warned me.
When a guy says are you a re-seller while you are scrolling through ties...Do you answer...   a) Yes... b) No and give a bs reason for shifting through items with intent... c) Act as if you are listening to your Podcast and could not hear him...   I answered (b) today. 
Saw the Nike Aeroloft 800 jacket at my outlet in a XL for $56 after discount. PM for into to order. Fits like Large in the body.
Went to the Nike Outlet yesterday.   Lunar ACG Terra Arktos in Volt/Khaki were $109.   Nike Nike Air Max 180 Engineered Mesh were 47.97   Nike Men's Air Max 180 Nike Men's Air Max 180 Nike Men's Air Max 180 Men's Nike Air Max 180 QS Running Shoes were 41.97 with 20% off hash wall       
eBay blocks alternate shipping when you have opted into the Global Shipping program. I think most in here have opted out of it. 
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