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Am I not pretentious enough? 
I was able to grab Royal 1's after 30 minutes of trying. 
My dog did it!
eBay will make you refund. I had a similar situation and all the buyer has to do is send it back and show ebay it was delivered back to you. If they open a case and provide tracking and it shows delivered you take the hit no matter what. I received a return randomly, no contact from the buyer. Next day a case was opened and tracking was added. eBay sided with the buyer even though I had no returns.
Don't be. Most did.
 The black pair is the Lebron NSW 11 Lifestyle Leopard. They released in Europe in Feb. Nice pickup. $125 retail. Hope you didn't pay too much.
Yeah. I'm a wide 12, but in 3s I get 11.5. 12s bend so bad on 3s at my normal size.
Boom! They ain't Nike though1  
 I feel you, and I didn't sell them for much, so I may go the full refund route. I had them for a while and looked over them thoroughly.   He said one came apart during dinner. He said when he got home he looked at the other it it came off in his hands. I am seriously mind blown. 
Honesty I am not 100% sure of the age.  Oh geez. He's a State Rep for a Midwest state. 
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