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He stated it in the case he opened. Not sure why he wouldn't notify me prior.  "Received the U2 October shirt. Unfortunately their was paint stained on it between the letters O and B in OCTOBER. I tried to wash out the paint, which resulted in the shirt almost wearing a hole in that spot. I will keep the shirt, but it would have been nice to have that in the description. John"
Sorry guys I've been lurking but not posting. Need some help.    Has anyone had a buyer wash an item and want to return it. Not sure why this guy washed the item before mentioning a stain and now it has a hole in it. 
Thoughts...Thinking about grabbing them since they are $85.   
Not true. I don't know why people still believe the customer is always right. Or that companies need to make exceptions and eat the cost. I went to the site and immediately knew sale items were FINAL SALE. So even if I was purchasing something at full retail I would have checked the return policy if I had sizing questions/concerns. You're and adult. Take responsibility for your mistake and keep it moving.  
Electronics come few and far inbetween in my area. Picked up this ipod Hi-Fi speaker for $15.
Brian that was awesome.
Am I not pretentious enough? 
I was able to grab Royal 1's after 30 minutes of trying. 
My dog did it!
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