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Thoughts...Thinking about grabbing them since they are $85.   
Not true. I don't know why people still believe the customer is always right. Or that companies need to make exceptions and eat the cost. I went to the site and immediately knew sale items were FINAL SALE. So even if I was purchasing something at full retail I would have checked the return policy if I had sizing questions/concerns. You're and adult. Take responsibility for your mistake and keep it moving.  
Electronics come few and far inbetween in my area. Picked up this ipod Hi-Fi speaker for $15.
Brian that was awesome.
Am I not pretentious enough? 
I was able to grab Royal 1's after 30 minutes of trying. 
My dog did it!
eBay will make you refund. I had a similar situation and all the buyer has to do is send it back and show ebay it was delivered back to you. If they open a case and provide tracking and it shows delivered you take the hit no matter what. I received a return randomly, no contact from the buyer. Next day a case was opened and tracking was added. eBay sided with the buyer even though I had no returns.
Don't be. Most did.
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