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Something else that always generates a ton of conversation is an Ecosphere... these are completely enclosed habitats with little shrimps swimming around:  
If you think that gets you a lot of conversation, try getting this one:
Off the top of my head...   The top thing?  Don't forget to smile.  A smile is the handshake before the handshake.   Create an elevator pitch about yourself.  This may or may not come out during your event, but its good to have regardless.  Basically its a 60-90 second pitch about yourself.  Use this to help:   Prepare a list of questions you may want to ask people.  One I always go with is "so how did you end up here...
Agree with this... blown out activities (i.e. those with bullet points) are only good for something with achievements.     Interests (Tough Mudder probably falls into this) should all just be listed on one line at the bottom.
Would have learned computer engineering since it gives real, hard skills.  I did a business undergraduate, but I think I would have been better off just getting an MBA afterwards. Now, my main selling points are Excel skills and strategy fluff.  Not to mention developers are such a hot commodity right now.  All the great innovators and tech guys?  Engineers.
Recently seen resume activity: President  Jan 2007 to Jan 2008  -Successfully nurtured an unpopular organization to the most sought after in one year's time  -Handled logistics, politics, accounting, and recruiting  -Led a group of twenty-five people through high communication group activities, four times a week  -Planned and organized weekly social activities to increase organization cohesiveness  Now change President to Guild Leader in World of Warcraft, and...
The "talking points" is really why a "Passions" line item is super important for the resume.  You can put a varied list of activities (for me its Traveling, martial arts, European Art, Poker, Asian American activism) and hopefully something will catch your interviewer's eye.  So many decisions are made just on the basis of "I like this guy" as opposed to "Well he's got a 0.2 higher GPA"
A.  USB hub with 10 ports 1) External hard drive  2) USB stick 3) USB stick 4) USB stick 5) USB handheld massager 6) Printer 7) Wired mouse (I just like how its more responsive) 8) Wired keyboard (I just like how its more responsive) 9) Open 10) Open   B.  A stack of 8"x11" paper which has 9 PowerPoint-slide-dimensioned outlines printed on them... for slide doodling
Graduated from an Ivy League undergraduate, joined a large strategy consulting firm at 72K with 10K bonus.
Joining a big box IT consulting firm is more about the outs... people either try to lateral over to Strategy divisions with the same firm,  apply to MBA, or join a startup in a CTO / technology position.
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