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Given your career goals, the question becomes... do you have the chops to make it into a T14 law school or Top 20 business school?  Go to GMATClub or to find out.
Sorry, I forgot to close the listing.  Good luck!
  Well I'm selling these Victory 58s... I do not have a pair of Victory 55s at all... hope that clears it up!
Hey bullionaire, I'm not a dealer or anything - I just so happen to have purchased these.  Sorry!
Hi everyone,   I'm selling a brand new, never-worn pair of Oliver Peoples Polarized Victory 58 Cognac glasses.  These very rare glasses are probably best known from Michael Westen in Burn Notice and they are not available from Oliver Peoples anymore.  I'm asking for $500 with free shipping or best reasonable offer.   Brand: Oliver Peoples Style: Victory 58 Lense Color: Cognac Polarized: Yes Price $500   Sadly, I wish I could keep them, but it just...
This reminds me of a great joke regarding consultants / other business folk:   An American consultant was at a pier in a small coastal Mexican village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked. Inside the small boat were several large tuna. The American complimented the Mexican on the quality of his fish and asked how long it took to catch them.     The Mexican replied "Only a little while."   The consultant then asked why didn't he stay out longer...
I think that guy means Serial to Displayport adapter.   Have to disagree with you on the laser pointer though.  Only place I've ever seen that acceptably used was at university.  Whenever a client, consultant, or whoever breaks a laser pointer in a typically sized conference room, I just roll my eyes.     On the other hand, a remote slide advancer is much more useful and much less douchey.
So how'd it go?
All I see on here is invest in the stock market and go on vacation... while those are certainly fair uses of money, I think this thread is missing the best use for the amount you have given the lifestage you are in:   Learn something!   Frankly, the most valuable asset you have right now is time.  When you start working, time disappears.  As I'm typing this, it's 4:30 AM and I just  finished reviewing work materials and preparing for a meeting tomorrow.  Soon...
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