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I just bought one of those yobokies Seikos. I looking forward to seeing it. Reminds me a lot of the Sinn, but for $1100 dollars less.
It is a Belstaff. Model is viator. Quote: Originally Posted by np99sky I've been trying to find this jacket forever, can anyone ID it? All I have is a picture. edit:: The logo is some kind of laurel with a y or t inside, I think.
Johnny Post measurements or are they the same as posted above.
Quote: Originally Posted by I<3Bacon Figured I'd contribute something to this thread... here's my RRL Western in Small. Strangely enough, it is easily the slimmest shirt I own (slimmer than any of my slim-fit dress shirts). Body is tapered, arm holes are high, sleeves are tight-ish, darted in the back Can you post some measurements? I'd like to buy one but as post previously the measurements on ebay are all over he place.
I ordered the 5th and got my shipping confirmation Friday night.
I ordered 5/05 and haven't heard a thing other than my order confirmation.
I've got a couple of questions about the Loager for Uniqlo shorts. How much did they cost? What colors do they sell? What are the sizes and are they true to size or otherwise? Thanks Quote: Originally Posted by Halifamous Loden Dager for Uniqlo. Heart.
By the way the email is and I ordered Black and Brown. I also made sure that it was the Vintage Chino with the donut shaped brass top button. I have no idea what they have left.
Uniqlo Vintage Chinos are on sale at $29.99. I just ordered 2 pair using the email. Shipping was very reasonable at $7.60.
I have tried them and they are reasonably priced but the super long placket looks too trendy on me.
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