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up for sale: '09 A.P.C. x Nike all court premiums color: white/white size: 9.5 price: $100 shipped (paypal with confirmed shipping address only) wore once and realized they are too narrow for me. they run fairly true to size vs. other nikes. PM me if you have any questions.
get a custom made won't be able to wear off the rack again.
stack, stack, stack!
here is my take...if you find out it's been stored properly in the warehouse (proper temp, humidity, dark place, no vibrations), i'd hang on to it. you don't just go to the store and pick up a bottle of this wine for dinner (easily). from what i know, there are lots of bordeaux and burgundy wines that go straight from the chateau to warehouses and are stored there...even better, if you can find some paperwork showing the delivery was made directly to this warehouse...
has anyone picked up the levi's x engineered garments 501xx 1947? or seen them? thoughts? would love to hear your opinions on fit, color, quality, etc.
i have a pair of momotaros and love them!
i think i remember seeing a few pieces at ian in seattle also check
sharp service rocks. i recently ordered from there and everything went smoothly. Hide @ Sharp is awesome. great communication from beginning to end.
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