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Hi! Just bought my first Barbour and would like to get some opinions about the fit. I was looking for something slim and was recommended to go for the Ashby. I didn't have the chance to try the SL Bedale but at the Barbour store they assured me it would be too short; specially the arms. I am quite happy with the Ashby even though I would have preferred a rather slimmer fit. On the other hand, there is enough room to wear a jacket below. Also, what do you think about the...
What about the SL Bedale arm compared to the Ashby? Isn't it much shorter? I am 197cm tall and rather slim. I just bought an Ashby XL that fits quite OK (I have enough room to wear a jacket underneath but honestly I would prefer a slightly slimmer fit). I was going for a SL Bedale but the guys at Trunk assured me that the arm was going to be far too short...
I heard they 250-300 EUR and the minimum order is 5 pieces.
No, unfortunately no info about where to buy.
Tricker's at Pitti:
Hi guys, A couple of months ago, I bought a pair of coffee burnished Eaton from Richard. I really love the boots but they are UK12 and after a bit of wearing I realized they are half size too big. I would like to try to sell them in order to join one of your next MTOs. Could anybody recommend me how/where should I try to sell them? I have also Tricker's shoe trees. Thanks.
Hi guys, I need to buy some cream for my Coffee Burnished Eaton. After looking for some info, I have decided to go for Saphir. The only doubt I still have is the colour. Is anybody here familiar with Saphir colours? What do you recommend for my boots? I could go for neutral but I would prefer to find the proper colour... Thanks in advance for your help.
FW13 collection presented last week at Pitti Uomo.
Any pictures of something similar? Thanks.
Thanks bibs. I talked to Richard last week but unfortunately nothing in stock (I wear 12...) and no orders planned for this model.
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