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  you have to remember, Toronto is very much considered the south in Canada, so it actually is not that bad in Toronto, even in January and February.  it still get a wee bit nippy, but you probably won't be experiencing too much =30 to -40 weather like i do up north.   you might get the odd -30 days in toronto.  anyways, just ignore canada goose's new rating system where the chilliwack bomber style, (600$) is only good for -5 degree weather.  this is how canada goose...
your shirt sleeves probably end exactly where your suit sleeve ends, likely in everyday usage you'd see your shirt cuffs quite often, but then again, yes, the suit sleeve is likely 1/4" too long, and your sleeve maybe 1/4" to 1/2" too short.     you're nitpicking, and without the jacket the shirt looks completely fine imo..... well, other than the fact that you didn't line up your placket with your buckle.... that drives me crazy every day i swear lol.
i've seen this look now a few times in magazines, look books, tv, etc, and i'm always kindof drawn to it.     what is everyone's opinion here of a sports coat with a pocket square in the pocket but without a tie, and the collar unbuttoned?
  well, it depends.   i dont have any obsession when it comes to the dimple.  it doesn't bother me if i don't get a dimple in my tie, but i do care if my knot is nice, full, perfectly symetrical, etc.   i do wear a tie everyday however, and i tie windsor knot, and it *almost* always has the perfect length within a half inch or so.  so maybe i'm lucky that way.        it's rare when you see a tie that reaches your crotch, but the other day i was watching tv and guest came...
ties that are tied too short or too long.   tying a tie with any knot is easy, takes 30 seconds, so make your length appropriate.  
stop using a fih knot? im 5'8 and never have had this problem, i wear a tie everyday, and i dont tie fih knots.
  hm, interesting about the no-iron fabric, and thank you for the response.   i didn't think about a coating on the fabric from the manufacturer.   i guess it's something to think about.   anyways, regarding the price points, you're probably right, and i did do research on the forum prior and had read that thomas pink in particular was over priced, and that MTM would probably be a better option.  however,i live in Canada, in northern Ontario, unless there's a MTM dress...
ok so i found a couple shirts that i'm going to try.   i first found that thomas pink's super slim dress shirts chest measurements smaller than most.  they also carry 14" collared shirts, which was surprising to me.  they have a 35" chest on the 14" neck, but i need the 14.5" neck, so the corresponding chest was 37" which is still remarkably slim.    they may be over-priced from the research i did on styleforum, but a decent dress shirt making a 35" chest dress shirt...
i was wondering if anyone has some good suggestions for quality dress shirts.  i'm looking for companies that might make extra slim fitting dress shirts, in 14.5" neck, that would fit a 34" chest.       i know a few that are low quality, but i'm looking for some dress shirts that start around 100, and goto maybe 250.     anyways, if anyone knows any, please let me know.  thx!
at 5'8", 130 lbs, slim/skinny fitting suits are not a fashion trend, they're a necessity.  i need high arm-holes, tapered sleeves, smaller shoulders.   just a fact of life for me.    i find the notion 'slim fitting suits are awful' to be a bit ridibulous.     i need slim-fit cuts, otherwise it's not possible for me to look like anything other than a boy in his father's suit.  
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