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 thx otctailor, you're a credit to this community :)   in relation to both of our posts, the chest can't directly be let out, but i have a question about letting the center back seam of the jacket out.   If the center back seam was let out on the upper back, in between the shoulder blades, would that not allow for extra movement in the front of the jacket?   
Ok, I have a question for any of the tailors out there.   I often see suits that bulge at the lapels, and i've wondered what exactly is causing this.   It seems more common in slim fitting suits, but I can easily find slimmer fits which avoid this, without giving up anything in the fit.   I've also at different times seen it on more generous cuts, and with bigger guys.     Now, obviously this suit fits like garbage, in a couple different areas, but i'm only concerned...
so im watching chicago, and i noticed a button hole on the back of the collar on a dress shirt one of the dancers is wearing. i also notice that it appears almost as if theres a gold tie-pin type (tuxedo stud??) item fastening the collar down through the button hole. question: what's the purpose of this buttonhole for?
i just like the look of hat boxes lol, so i thought it'd be nice to have a couple for mine.  i wanted to find some really nice ones tbh.   altho thinking about it, maybe storing fur hats in enclosed boxes is not a good idea.  fur i believe enjoys air.     ima have to do some more research first.  
I recently bought a shearling bomber cap, and i just ordered a blue fox jockey hat dyed black, and it seems these days hat boxes are a thing of the past.     i'm trying to find a company that sells quality hat boxes.  if anyone knows of any, please let me know.  thx. 
thx guys, and i will read that thread too.
Hi, im in the market for a few suits, and i have a number of fabrics to choose from, from a few different mills.     my question to anyone familiar with fabrics, is, is there a significant variation in quality inbetween the following mills, which mills make cheaper fabrics, etc, etc.  or is this something i shouldn't be overly concerned with?      Really any information is helpful, thanks.     -vitale barberis cononico   -Ethomas   -lanificio TG. di...
in particular there is a prada tie sale today.  
basically just what the thread title said.  if anyone knows, is beyondtherack all fakes?
do you wear ties with mandarin collar shirts, can you, opinions?  
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