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i have a question regarding shoes.     i've noticed on a lot of dress shoes that on the sole of the shoe, on the inside of the foot.  Right on the heel of the shoe, there seems to typically be a triangular shape cut out of the point of the heel as it ends.      It's never on both sides, but only the inside side of the heel.     curious what the heck the purpose of that missing triangular piece is?     i found a random pic of shoes with that triangular groove:
what exactly is a slub tee, slub polo, etc?       i see the word 'slub' in front of all sorts of tops lately, just curious what constitutes defining something as a 'slub' _____.
I have a question for any tailors.     I regularly have my dress pants tapered down the leg.  My tailor will typically take most of the fabric in through the outseam seam.  He has stated that he can only do so much before the pressed seam becomes off-center.      I've heard that taking in the legs is typically done primarily through the outseam by other tailors as well.  My question is, why do tailors do this?  why not take it in equally from both inseam and outseam?
it definitely goes, ignore what the idiots on the internet say if they say otherwise.       i'd prefer it with a navy-based suit mind you, or a bright blue linen sportscoat, or something summery and fun, but it goes, and it looks nice.  
 of course she stands out, she's amanda lepore.  kindah hard not to stand out when you're her. imo not creepy, but that's just me.  they're not really comparable since lepore is trans, but...   i can't disagree.
 amanda lepore is a legend good sir.  
i wear cufflinks whenever i can.  i don't go out of my way to buy french cuffs or convertible, but, i do have a few, and whenever i wear them i think the cufflinks look good on them, and typically, i get compliments on them.   so whatever.  throw out every french cuff you own if you want to, i don't see why, but whatever.  
 ooooo gurl.  shots fired.    :) don't entirely disagree btw.  
i have a new question for the tailors here on the balance on pants.     a few pages back one of the members posted some pics, one with the pants having balance issues in the back with extra fabric under the seat:     my question is, how exactly would this be fixed through alterations?  I'm *assuming* the waistband would be taken off and then re-sewn higher up, gradually, from back to front, like so:     so would this be an effective alteration in theory to fix...
i forgot to say, *assuming* that the pulling of the lapels wasn't caused by a balance issue.  
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