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Thank you. I am still doubting about the walking stick. Probably you are right.   There is more to improve ( trousers, shoes) But I am glad you are not the only here who said they like this tabarro
I sincerely apologise if I disturbed you.  On the other hand : tolerance and respect still seem hard things to work on even among men considering themselves as "gentlemen". Just saying...
You naugthy boy..........!
It 's actually the first outfit I see : Looks promising, if not to say beautiful !  Well done ! I was wondering about the colour of the belt, your socks and your shoes. May be you can tell something more ?   ( What is it al the time people do not show their faces ? I reget it because colour of the eyes and hair are als - for me - determinant if a combination goes well with a certain person. If this is for privacy - reasons I do respect this ofcourse )
A pity I can't see your trousers or shoes. The picture is too far away taken to be able to give a correct judgement about your sweater and shirt. But as far as I can see it from a distance : it looks good. What a pity your face cannot be seen. In general : to judge if a combination makes a person stylish or elegant etc. I would prefer to see the colour of the eyes and the hair. Do call me old - fashioned but I think they are also determinant in a way if a combination goes...
Have a good laugh. Its okay. But I should like to laugh with you. Give some more explanation if you like.
Not only "funny" looks. Also admirable looks. And appreciation. People do not happen to have all together the same fashiontaste. They differ in it. This forum proves it also by the way.   But the credo here has sung  a little bit too long to my humbe opinion that the border here lies by the acceptance of the cape for men. Do not cross that border..............!   For my opinion a better one but we are not talking here actually about the capes for men. Is not it  all about...
Now this is a mistake I think. Even in your country 's ( Common Wealth I suppose ?) this is not strange "always and everywhere." It depends all the time from the contekst. You do not go in hot pants to the church, you forget about the ruffled jeans and nikes for the new years reception and, yes, no furcoats on the beach when the temperatures are above 20 degrees Celsius.   Some things migth not be shared by the majority, but that is a different thing. Things which are not...
Yes I had.
Its time to go bed, you are right.
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