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I guess, besides fit, it is to do with the weight and rigidity of the denim. 
Finding the right pair of jeans tends to have more to do with your overall build, rather than just the length of your leg.   From my experience the trick is to draw attention away from my legs and make them look as slim as possible:    - Straight/slim leg  - Unwashed and undistressed  - Avoid any back-pocket stitching  - If they fit comfortably they’re too big—jeans stretch out  - Don’t rule out brands that only do a 32" or 34" leg—you can get them...
It really depends, but maybe some slim khaki/brown cotton chinos (Topman, Gap, H&M—just make sure they aren’t drop-crotch, or carrot-leg, or have elasticated ankles) and a canvas shoe (Converse, Vans). 
These New Standards are easily the best looking pair of jeans I have ever owned. The fit is perfect, the colour is beautiful and they are beginning to show some character.     However, after six months I had crotch blow-outs (on both sides), holes in the back pockets (from my iPhone) and found that the inseam was beginning to come apart in various places.    Granted, I have now worn these almost every day for nine months and never washed them, but I haven’t worn them (as...
For £20, I can’t really fault the quality and fit.    I’m not sure about the contrast stitching though—there is a lot of it.
Judging by the logo on the coin pocket, I’d say they were from J Lindeburg: http://www.jlindebergusa.com/Main_Collection/Denim/pl/c/42.html
I chose the small Ashby over the 34" Bedale—the Bedale was too boxy on me (I’m 5'7") but the Ashby fitted well. They’re supposed to be short jackets, but on me it fits more like the Beaufort might on someone a little taller, which I like.     With regards to sleeve length, they are slightly too long but I have found that rolling back the cuffs (they’re lined in corduroy) is a nice length (shorter than my shirt sleeves, and the right length for putting in the hand-warmer...
I have both the Levi’s 511 and A.P.C. New Standards.    I bought the 511s because the New Standards were 50% more expensive, but ended up buying the New Standards as well because I wasn’t happy with the fit and I wanted something without all the pocket stitching.    I wouldn’t say the A.P.C. jeans are any more ‘durable’ but I think they sure age better, and I get a lot more wear out of them. 
What TehBunny said.    For me it’s all about buying simple, restrained pieces of clothing that fit me well. Creating a base onto which you incorporate your own personal style.    I suppose this is where I would start:    - Basic, well-fitting t-shirts or polo shirts. Stripes, or a single pocket, are okay if you want to add a bit of character. I really like these from YMC: http://www.youmustcreate.com/products/jersey/11_11_28_ymc_still_p6aj7_burg_0120-1/  -...
  These are now available in the UK store. Or at least they were this morning, when I ordered “Shirt A” in both colours (low stock in the XS):    MEN Oxford Stripe Long Sleeve Shirt A: http://shop.uniqlo.com/uk/goods/073250001  MEN Oxford Stripe Long Sleeve Shirt B: http://shop.uniqlo.com/uk/goods/073250002
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