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I'd exchange them, if I were you.
Thanks for the suggestion, Winston. I tried it and it does make a difference.
Good to know, thanks!     Maybe if AE made the tongue a little longer, it wouldn't end up digging into shins. I have hiking boots that are designed with tongues that are longer than the sides and it works pretty well.
I've read that too in the AE review section of this boot. But wouldn't it ruin the leather?
Fifth Street Boots   I just received the 5th Street short dress boots from AE. It's made on the same last as my walnut Strands, so the fit around the foot feels great to me. While I love the quality and the look of the boots but man, the first wearing hurt like heck because the tongue and the tops of the boots dig into my shins.   For those with these or similar boots, do you have any tips to prevent this from happening? Thanks!   *edit: Fifth Street, not...
Welcome to the club! That's a brochure-quality shot. The Walnut Strands were my first AEs too… my second pair is on the way, Fifth Street boots
  Hi everyone,   Just wanted to share a shot of my first AEs - the walnut Strands. Very pleased with them so far :)
Thanks... Luck of the draw then? I'm ok with taking a longer time to select the right shoes but the cost of shipping for returning shoes would be pretty steep :-/
Hi everyone, Noob here. I'm looking to buy my first AE, but am unsure which last would suit me. I'm trying to decide between a Strand (last #5) and a Sanford (last #7). Unfortunately there are no distributors for AE in my country so there's no way to try different models out. I have various Johnston & Murphy's (made in Italy & Mexico models -optimas) that are 8D and those fit me fine. Any advice you may have would be most appreciated, thank you!
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