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Seamaster Aqua Terra Big-Size Chronometer - 2502.80.00
  +1 I've seen plenty of Seiko and Orient pieces for less than a century, particularly online.    As far as Invicta goes, they're just brash, gaudy homage pieces for the most part. I'd much rather go for something a trifle more original.
  I agree with you 100%! A cheap Casio is going to do a damn good job telling the time and it'll last for ages. What I meant was the actual case, dial, and strap on the Rotary; every time I've seen a watch by them it just reminds me of the cheap stuff I used to see in Chinatown. I could be completely wrong and perhaps it's a great watch, I'm just going on experience.
Definitely a good read but Ascot Chang isn't by any means an extremely economical alternative to traditional brick and mortar MTM shops.   
To be honest, you won't find much with the Navitimer look and an auto in the same range. I'm always a bit wear about Rotary though, I just don't know how they'll hold up over time.   If you're open to a couple of other styles of Pilot's Watches, here's a few on the same price range that are much better in terms of fit and finish than anything Rotary produces.   Here's one by Graf Zepplin @ $229 and it sports an Swiss Quartz movement too (Automatics are tougher to...
  If you're particularly skinny, anything with a strong shoulder like the RL suit you posted is going to look boxy, trust me, I'm the same shape. 
Nice little homage to the Breitling Navitimer. I'm guessing it's got a little Miyota quartz heart beating away inside.    Not bad for $150 but I'd always encourage you to go for an automatic if it's within your budget.
Perhaps it may be helpful to outline your budget; that way, it's easier to pick out a few options.
Hugo Boss - Carries an inverse relationship between price and quality. No problem with articles being made in Turkey, but if it's going to be the case then make them well. 
The AP2 was always so much more manageable on a day to day basis. I remember having to literally plow through gears to get anywhere in the AP1.   That said, the AP1 was always slightly more exciting to drive "liberally"; that is until it would break traction on an on-ramp and kill you of course   
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